Why isn't the recipe card showing on my Shopify blog post?

Not seeing your recipe on your chosen blog post? Follow this article to see the various options you have to get the recipes showing up!

First, did you attach the recipe to a blog post?

First off, to make sure we aren’t missing something obvious here; open up Recipe Kit, click on the specified recipe on the left hand side, and ensure that the right sidebar shows that the recipe is currently attached to a blog post. If there is no blog post attached here, the recipe will have nowhere to display.

To fix this, simply attach a blog post to the recipe and click “Save Recipe”!

Refresh your blog post page after doing this to see if this fixed the issue.

Second, is Recipe Kit installed properly?

Recipe Kit tries to auto-install on your store when you first download the app. Depending on which theme you are using, or if you have any custom modifications done to the theme, this may not work as intended.

If you have some experience with code, you can look over the original Recipe Kit theme installation document here. The installation is quite simple if you have edited theme files before, but if not - don't worry!

Send us an email at help@recipekit.app and we can absolutely get the Recipe Kit code setup on your theme. Make sure to include your Shopify store URL, and we will send your store an account collaborator request as soon as we can to get the theme setup and good to go!

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